Nandina is mostly free

Nandina – Awesome and mostly free,

Look around the yard, add the clear glass, I keep nagging you about collecting, and we are saving oodles of cash.

We did these almost instantaneous arrangements for an event at the house, yesterday. We used the soft stems to hold the berries down by putting the berries in head first and resting the stems under the rim. Poured in the water, add a leafy bit and 1 minute later we have great impact for no time and no money.

So If you think you cannot do a little extra for each season, think again.

Building that clear glass container collection is the key to great seasonal decor.  This is a continuation of the theme for the Power Room, Simplicity and Repetition, always my rule. This piece stays right where it always lives, just added the nandina and a little water – 2 minutes tops. No excuses. I do paint the base of this piece occassionally.

I have a few of these vases that I use for events so being able to ring the changes on the wooden base, makes this a type of display piece a great investment. I think we have one left in the store too.

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