New Silk Arrangements

Our Sunday was mainly spent designing and constructing these four new arrangements. – 3 for our Store and one a commissioned piece for a design client.
This piece is a light natural design featuring dogwood blossom (our stash) and foliage from a local store called Main Street Primatives, in Salem Virginia, which specialized in silks stems  – worth a look. We collect quality stems, silks and containers from anywhere and everywhere. In order to keep our prices extremely low we purchase most of our supplies wholesale, but we are always on the hunt for that special bunch of fabulous to add to our stash.  We believe that there is nothing worse than a cheap silk flowers and leaves.
We have a special apprecation for assorted  mosses and foliage, this has become a little bit of a trademark for us, These finishing touches are all important. This arrangement shows the use of various mosses in a natural woven container offering a very spring like feel that can be used in any home decor design from very formal to very casual.
This piece is a little more formal but still natural and simple in design, a bit taller and slimmer, but suitable for many locations. It should be said at this point that we are not florist and have no training.  We have fallen into this wonderfully, satisfying activity in support of our design clients requests. In the past we always engaged the services of a professional florists, this worked for the most part, but increased the costs and the interpretion of our designs was not always exactly what we wanted. One day a client said “I want you to do it, you know me and my home, the florist is a stranger.” We tried, produced 3 designs to fulfil her one requirement. She took all three. This client is highly qualified in floral designs as she is one of the main organizers of the Miss Virginia Pageant.  A vote of confidence indeed.
This is a much larger design, bottom centered using tropicals as a basis. It still has a natural open feel, but is much more formal, suitable for a large garden room, entrance hall or sunroom.  Scale, is always a main consideration for florals, See how this piece is overpowering the vignette to the right of the arrangement. It is so wrong for this space. Removing the blue vignette and moving this to the right on a diagonal and this would look a whole lot better. The use of mosses in this piece is a very obvious design feature. With such a large container, too much foliage would over power most rooms.
Finally, the commissioned piece. we always worry ourselves into a frenzy, when fulfilling our design clients requirements, we set ourselves very high standards in terms of contruction and design.
There was a quite specific size requirement for this room. A large dining room table in an open plan, tuscany inspired home, with vaulted ceiling and exposed beams.  This is an all year round design with dogwood, black eyes susans and many different leaves and twigs.  A little on the formal side, but still quite open, we are attempting for it to be casually sophisticated without being uptight. These clients are wonderful family guys and are definately not uptight.

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