Our Baby Girl – Emma

As most of you already know we are a cat loving Family, we have always had these wonderful creatures in our lives.  I still remember one Christmas when my first very own baby girl arrived – Sylvesta – I named her, at 3 years old I did not know that it was a boys name.  Radio Caroline was playing in the background.  Radio Caroline was a pirate radio station on a boat in the English Channel.  (that a whole other blog).  As an asthmatic child, my baby girl, went to get parents many time, she knew when my inhaler was needed. She was my protector and friend.  There have been many since, alas they live to short. But back to Emma.

Emma arrived by accident a few months ago, we already had a youngster Madison to contend with, when RVSPCA published a photograph of a 1 year old Bengal Girl.  Well, I have always loved Bengals, so I made the call and went over there post haste.  As soon as I went through the door I heard a meow and made eye contact with Emma, I looked away and went to see the Bengal.  It was very apparent that she could not come home with me as she needed to be in a single cat household, so I said well there is a baby girl back there that I would like to see.  Well,  20 minutes later Emma and I were on our way to the store. I thought we would be joined at the hip forever,  not to be she has become a Daddy’s girl. She conned me into bringing her home, clever girl.  

Since the Spring arrived she has decided that she likes to play outside, but likes the door to be open so she can dash right back in, if the wind blows the wrong way.  She has been practising her hunting skills, but hasn’t grasped the concept that a girl is supposed to hunt living things.  This is a Good Thing, as I am a little squimmish. This morning I really though she had caught something that may have lived at some point, our hallway was quite dark this morning, the skies dark,  following the storm.  She sat there proud and talking very loudly, presenting me with the gift of her hunting prowess.  I cringed, Tony already gone to work and Roxy would be no help at all.  But, there it was, a very special Magnolia leaf.  Portia the oldest girl, looked on with a sigh and walked off in a ‘this is hopeless’  kind of way.  Too cute.

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