Themed Events and Children Parties

What is a Special Theme Event?

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Environment and atmosphere are two elements that can be blended together to create magic.  And magic is the little extra that can turn a night out into an event to remember.

Theme events cleverly coordinate all the basic entertainment elements, such as food, drink, presentation, costumes, decoration, music, comperes, live acts and general ambience into one richly-textured entertainment package that would offer guests something completely different.

Theme events are ideal incentives for members to attend. Theme nights enable onlookers to become participants, and participants to become involved.

Create magic with a theme event, and provide your guests with a night , or convention to remember.

Themed Events

Outrageous Olymipics, TailGate Parties, Football, Cricket, Field of Dreams, County Fair. It’s Showtime, Carnival/Circus, Mash Bash, Virginia Derby, Fabulous 50’s Party, Lets go to the Hop, Rock ‘n’ Roll review, Shagging the Night Away, Rock around the Clock, County Western Roundup, Dogpatch Days, Hatfield/McCoys, Tacky Tourist, Holland Nights, Arabian Nights, Scotland Haggis Party, Parisian Nights, Greek Festival, Elizabethian Fair, Knight Time, Medival Times, Oriental, Mardi Gras, Old New Orleans, VFDA Follies, Monkey Busines, Safari, Jungle, Golden Era, Roaring 20’s, The Great Gadsby, Cotton Club, Gay ’90’s, Cabaret Show, Vaudeville Follies, Hawaiian Luau, An Evening in Paradise, Carribean Calypso Native, South Pacific Spectacular, U.S.S .No Sail Cruise Party, Shipwreck, Rejects from Gilligans Island, Pirate, Mutiny on the Bounty, Beach or Beachless Party, Hollywood Game Show, Vegas Night Out, Monte Carlo Night, Slice and Dice,  Riverboat Gambling Cruise,  Murder on the Orient Express,  The Old South,  Gone with the Wind,  Madhatter Party, Childhood Fantasy, Putting on the Ritz, Classical Evening, Ballett, Operatic, Piano/Organ, Concerto, Theatre, Who Dun It – mystery Capers, 40’s Theme Party, Big Band South,

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